Wretched Roadblocks Wreck Rosanna

18 February, 2023

Saturday Pennant Finals

Oops!  Somewhat of a disaster today unfortunately.  We went into the finals series with great hopes, having four sides in and all not without a chance of doing well.  Sometimes things don’t work out as you would hope, or expect.  All teams lost, the First side bowing out, whilst the Second, Third and Fourth sides have a chance to redeem themselves, and still earn a pennant for Rosanna.  The losses are certainly disappointing, however, we know we can play well and have proven that by making finals.  Tomorrow is another game of bowls, and rather than choke on it, we can prove to ourselves and to all and sundry, that we are capable and competitive.  The sun shall rise in the morning, and so shall Rosanna.

The First side went down by 5 shots in a tight game where all winning margins, and all losing margins, were less than double digits.  Matty Ferguson, Robbie Boxshall, John Head and Peter Burke, lost by 9 shots.  Rod Kerrison, Margaret Hunt, Marcus Hadley and Steve Kovac lost by 8.  Ben Mantynen, Damian Jardine, Carl Fernandez and Mark Files won by 5 shots. Aaron Van Haaften, Steve Kostov, Chris Ball and Ian Crawford won by 7.

Rosanna 71, Hurstbridge 76.

Unfortunately the ones are now out of the 2022-23 series.

The Second side went to Ivanhoe who beat us at Rosanna early in the year, and we were “heated out” in the return game at Ivanhoe.  Today the game was within our grasp, however,  we failed to get it over the line by 14 shots.  We are keenly looking forward to a return bout next Saturday.  Jeff Cook, Don Casey, Colin Watson and Gwenda Bail went down by 12 shots.  Jim Gregory, Graham Howard, Barry Grennan and Graeme Bravo went down by 8.  Damian Crea, Graham Bright,  Simon Matthews and Robin Doherty lost by 5.  John Aldridge, Kevin Meade, Veronika Crea and Mil Crea shone the light and blazed to an 11 shot win.

Rosanna 64, Ivanhoe 78.

The Twos will play Fitzroy/Victoria in the Preliminary Final at Alphington.

It was the wrong time of the year for the Third side to go missing, however, that was the case today.  Not a winning rink and a total of 37 shots in arrears, but it is not the end of the world, and we will be back.  Glenn Lyons, Ralph Moulden, Ed Sheean, and Rob Barclay went down by 3 shots.  Gary Veale, John Couling, Bob Dunbar and Alan Phillips missed by 4.  Warren Williams, Jane Edgcumbe, Bob Graham and Paul Bassett went down by 10 shots.  Leo Bosso, Kay Plain, Gerry Sheean and Jack Dunbar lost by 20 shots.

Rosanna 58, Epping 95.

The Threes will play Club Sunbury, at Lalor, in the Prelim.

The Fourth side travelled to Mooroolbark to do battle with the strongest team in the section, and nothing happened today to dispell that notion.  The Go-annas went down by 34 shots.  Bruce McDonald, Paul Gregory, Kale Files and Russell Hyde fell 16 short.  Luke Roche, Bec Merrick, Sally Quilliam and lorraine Campbell missed out by 10.  Brian Tipping, Gae Messina, Terrye Meade and Fotini Hughes lost by 9 shots.  Colin McDonald, Bob Langdon, Ray Prestney and Noel Broadhurst scraped in by the barest of margins with 1 shot up.

Rosanna 59, Mooroolbark 93.

The Fours will play Donvale at Mitcham in the Preliminary.

Today has gone, tomorrow is a new start, so let’s up and at ’em, and remember – one day you’re a peacock, the next you are a feather duster.  We’ve had our feather duster day.  Tomorrow we are peacocks.

Keep smilin’ and bowl well.

The Tout.



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