Ladies Day

Hey Fellow Goannas , please see below a snap shot provided to me by Louisa Hemmingway [one of our new up and coming bowlers ] regarding the high tea yesterday.  I must say I was fortunante to be at the club yesterday for two short visits and the atmosphere was electric , filled with the buzz of exciting bowls put down by our newest members  and delightful food. Well done ladies. MFP  Next year will be even bigger !!!
The day kicked off with mild weather and a relaxed, excited vibe! The majority of the ladies that attended had a roll up, with some trying bowls for the very first time.  Everyone enjoyed the bowls, with a few friendly rivalries prompting some healthy competition and some great bowls. 
A total of 42 ladies attended the day
(plus a few more extras).

Resulting from the event we received applications for:

7 social members,
With 4 applications that are still pending that may also join.
(And that is not counting Michelle, Debbie that joined up prior to the event)

A big thank you to Sally and Von for all their hard work organising, planning and running the day.  Club events don’t happen without the hard work of awesome volunteers and helpers. People helping out behind the scenes included:

Cindy, Rod, Amy, Dawn, Emilio, Margaret, Lorraine.

Thanks to you Matty for organising the greens and the bowls for the ladies to use.

Thanks to all the helping hands in the clean up crew that helped at the end.

Thanks to the bowls instructors that patiently guided the new bowlers and showed them the ropes:

Chris, Fotini, Bob, Margaret and Barney.

And thank you to all that participated and joined in to make it a fun, welcoming day to attract new bowlers to our club.  It was a fantastic success, and hopefully enjoyed by all!

I hope that covers everything and I haven’t missed anyone out!


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