Weekend Pennant Round 10

15 January, 2023

Saturday Results Tenth Round

Strewth!  It was bloomin’ ‘ot.  Some clubs had the common sense, and decency, to agree to earlier start times to accommodate everyone’s enjoyment of a game of bowls, and to get a full game in.  One club in our region (against our No.2 side) were too bloody-minded to agree to such an outrageous request, and consequently the match was abandoned after 54 ends because of the heat rule.  Bit sad, and you never know, it might come back to bite them on the bottom, particularly if they come up against the Go-annas again in the finals, which,incidentally, begin in five weeks.

So, to the results and the number 1 side. Graeme Bravo, John Head, Steve Kostov and Matty Ferguson did it tough and found the opposition a bit strong, going down 33 – 13,  However, Mark Files, Robbie Boxshall, Carl Fernandez and Ben Mantynen got on the right side of things and came home with a seven shot advantage.  Ian Crawford, Marcus Hadley, Damian Jardine and Rod Kerrison said, “Anything you can do, we can do better”, and greeted the judge with an eight shot victory.  And then along came Steve Kovac, Chris Ball, Margaret Hunt and Aaron Van Haaften, blowing their bags about how easy this game was in amassing a 16 shot win, ensuring the opposition were beaten into submission  Good win for Rosanna and keeping them in the four.

Rosanna 84, Doncaster 73.  16 points.  Third on ladder 115 points, one behind 2nd placed Eltham.

The Two’s travelled to Ivanhoe to experience a most frustrating day.  On , off, on, then off again.  Sat around for 45 minutes before going back for a further 3 ends, only to be called off once more.  Fifty-four ends were completed before the game was abandoned with Rosanna 8 shots down overall.  What can you say?  Rules is rules, eh?  An extra half hour could have seen 60 ends completed which would have constituted a match.  Still 9 points keeps the second side in 4th spot on 100 points, 4 behind 3rd placed Fitzroy/Victoria.

The third side kept on their merry winning way with a six shot victory.Jack Dunbar, Paul Gregory, Kay Plain and Leo Bosso won by 3.  Rob Barclay, Ed Sheean, Ralph Moulden and Glenn Lyons won by 5.  Alan Phillips, Bob Dunbar, John Couling and Gary Veale also won by 5.  All of that was enough to cover a little hiccup by Paul Bassett, Bob Graham, Jane Edgcumbe and Peter Bell who went down by 7.

Rosanna 80, Whittlesea 74.  16 points. First on ladder 128 points, 15 ahead of 2nd placed Club Sunbury.

The fourth side had an unfortunate day with no winning rink.  The best we could do was a one shot loss by Noel Broadhurst, Gerry Sheean, James Inifer and Warren Williams, whilst the rinks of Fotini Hughes, Terrye Meade, Gae Messina and Brian Tipping, and Lorraine Campbell, Ray Prestney, Bec Merrick and Luke Roche both went down by 16.  Russell Hyde, Kale Files, Bob Langdon and Bruce McDonald fared a little better, only going down by 10.

Rosanna 54, Heatherdale 97.  0 points.  Second on ladder with 113 points, 11 behind 1st placed Mooroolbark.

The fifth side scrounged two points in a narrow 5 shot overall loss.  Stuart Paterson, Kevin Nelson, Mick Tilley and Graeme Floody fell short by 4 shots.  Heather Manton, Tony Canty, Marj Martyn and Tony Bassett missed out by 2 shots, and Ken Barr, Kevin Meade (lovely to see you back Kevin), Sally Quilliam and Bruce Lankford sneaked home by a solitary shot.  The fifth side have been doing it hard this season, however, they are hanging in in true Rosanna spirit and we are proud of them.

Rosanna 58, Bridgewater 63.  2 points. Seventh on ladder with 54 points, 20 out of the four.

The best winning rink this week goes to a first team rink whose skipper could not believe it happened.  He kept mumbling about the first team never wins a best winning rink, because the first team never wins a best winning rink.  Well they just did Aaron, so you betta believe man.

Congratulations to Steve Kovac, Chris Ball, Margaret Hunt and Aaron Van Haaften on your 16 shots up display.

There are no milestones this week that I know of, however, that might not necessarily mean there weren’t any.  It’s just that the Prez, who passes all this stuff onto me, so I can pass it all on to you, didn’t give me any heads up on milestones.

So, there you have it for another week people, and remember, without freedom of speech, we would not know who the idiots are.

Keep smilin’ and good bowling.

The Tout.


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