Three Definite, One 99%

06 February, 2023

Saturday Results Thirteenth Round

Well here is the long and short of it.  There is one round left to play and three of our teams cannot go out of the four.  One team has a 1% chance of dropping to fifth spot if the unthinkable should happen.  One side has missed out.

The Fifth side are fifth, but are 16 points behind Heidelberg Golf, and 10% worse off in percentage, so it would have to be a huge win for Rosanna, and a mammoth loss for Golf for us to get to fourth.  All the same, it is well done to the Fifth side who had a tough year, but gave it a good shake.

The First side’s worst scenario is 4th, best is 2nd.  The Twos can miss out if they do not score any points at all, but can finish 2nd as a best result.  The Third side cannot lose top spot, no matter what, and the Fourth side’s worst finish will be second, best finish, top of the ladder.

So, there is plenty to play for this coming  weekend, and depending upon where the dice fall, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could have four finals at home the first week.  Go-annas.

Last Saturday Aaron Van Haaften, Steve Kostov, Chris Ball and Steve Kovac, ran up against some hot opposition at Whittlesea and went down 12 – 24.  Damian Jardine, Rod Kerrison, Marcus Hadley and Ian Crawford, toughed it out, but fell very late in the game to go down 25 – 29.  Ben Mantynen, Carl fernandez, Graeme Bravo and Mark Files played the tight game, getting home by one shot, 23 – 22.  Matty Ferguson, Robbie Boxshall, John Head and Mil Crea tried to get Rosanna over the line, winning 25 – 17, however, the team overall fell short by seven shots.  We picked up four points to be third on the ladder, nine behind second placed Eltham.  We host Thornbury, who are sixth, next Saturday, so it’s a chance for a solid win.

Rosanna 85, Whittlesea 92.

The Second side came up against Fitzroy-Victoria who were in second place.  We managed two rinks up and two down, but had the ammunition to win the battle.  The two losing rinks went down by an accumulated eight shots, so there was not a lot in it.  The two winning rinks put together a combined 27 shots, giving Rosanna a 19 shot buffer, and propelling us into second in F-V’s place.  Jim Gregory, Graeme Howard, Barry Grennan and Paul Gregory scored 17 to F-V’s 23.  Jeff Cook, Don Casey, Colin Watson and Gwenda Bail, scored 14 to F-V’s 16.  Damian Crea, Graeme Bright, Simon Matthews and Robin Doherty bucked the trend and scored 29 to 16, and John Aldridge, Kevin Meade, Veronika Crea and Peter Burke, made absolutely sure of it by scoring 28 to 14.  We go to Brunswick on Saturday and need to score a point to make certain we remain in the finals.

Rosanna 88, Fitzroy-Victoria 69.

The Third side hosted Epping, and just kept rolling along.  Jane Edgcumbe, Denis Swift, Bob Graham and Paul Bassett, were a bit stiff in going down 14 – 19.  Glenn Lyons, Ralph Moulden, Ed Sheean and Rob Barclay, clawed back some of the deficit winning 17 -14.  Gary Veale, Bob Langdon, Bob Dunbar and Alan Phillips, polished off the balance, and added a couple with their 24 – 20 win, and Leo Bosso, Kay Plain, Gerry Sheean and Jack Dunbar, put the issue beyond doubt with an 18 -12 victory.  Another good win for the team who, so far, has swept all before them.  Next Saturday they go to Club Sunbury, in what may be seen as a dress rehearsal for the first final.

Rosanna 73, Epping 65.

The Fourth side went across to Doncaster, gaining a two up, two down, overall winning result.  Brian Tipping, Gae Messina, Terrye Meade and Fotini Hughes had a small aberration to their usual game and went down 15 – 30.  Luke Roche, Bec Merrick, Sally Quilliam and Lorraine Campbell almost got there in a narrow 14 -15 loss.  Warren Williams, Colin McDonald, Ray Prestney and Noel Broadhurst, hauled some of the debt back in winning 20 – 10 and Bruce McDonald, James Inifer, Kale Files and Russell Hyde paid out in full with their 27 – 11 win.  The Fourth side cannot lose second possie, and if Mooroolbark don’t score a point next Saturday, and we score 18, we would jump to No.1.  We play bottom of table Eltham at home.

Rosanna 76, Doncaster 66.

The Fifth side played Bundoora at Rosanna.  The RSL had two strong winning rinks, whilst we had one, however the difference was too great to make up and we had to settle for second place.  Bruce Lankford, Joan Webber, Aileen Lundberg and Heather Manton gave it a shot, but were well beaten in a 9 – 31 loss.  Tony Bassett, Marj Martyn, Tony Canty and Ken Barr also battled it out, but were beaten 14 – 29.  Graeme Floody, Mick Tilley, John Tannock and Kevin Nelson, saved some face with a 29 – 13 win, but the margin was a bit too big to breach.  Next Saturday the Fifths go to Eltham for the last round.

Rosanna 52, Bundoora 73.

Two Best Winning Rinks this week              Bruce McDonald, James Inifer, Kale Files and Russell Hyde, and Graeme Floody, Mick Tilley, John Tannock and Kevin Nelson – 16 shots up.  Well done indeed.

Milestones last weekend;

50 Club games – Paul Bassett, Peter Burke and Mark Files.

100 Club games – Matty Ferguson, Bec Merrick and Aaron Van Haaften.

Congratulations to all of you and we hope to see you around for many more games to come.

So, one week to go and remember – think clearly, quickly, and continually hard and seize the opportunities that others let go by –  and success is bound to be yours.

Keep smilin’ and good bowling.

The Tout.


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