Midweek Pennant Round 10

18 January, 2023

Midweek Results Tenth Round 

Rosanna teams managed two wins out of their three matches yesterday, in very tight games.  The first side won by two shots, the second side by three and the third side went down by 8, playing one person short.  Yesterday’s results leave our three teams with a chance of making finals with 4 rounds to play, however, we will have to be on the money in those games, if we are going to feature at the pointy end of the season.

The first side went to Ivanhoe with a number of players remembering the trials of Saturday at that venue, and vowing to exact some form of retribution.  The three rinks played very tight games and the tension mounted as the day progressed.  Jeff Cook, Don Casey, Chris Ball and Gwenda Bail completed their game three shots down, Warren Williams, John Head, Colin Watson and Robin Doherty were going along nicely until they dropped a 5 on their second last end, however, recovered dramatically to win by one shot, leaving the overall score showing Ivanhoe one shot up, and Jim Gregory, John Aldridge, Ian Crawford and Margaret Hunt having two ends to complete.  Second last end saw one shot credited to the Go-annas, to make the overall scores level. Last end  was a nail biter, and when it came to the skippers turn to bowl, Ivanhoe were holding two shots, both bowls resting on the jack.  Unperturbed the inimitable Jim Gregory stepped up to the mat, put down his bowl, and removed the two offending objects with a perfectly executed trajectory, and giving Rosanna a three shot advantage.  The opposition skipper went to the head and had a long and serious discussion with his third, went back to the mat, but to no avail – he missed with an ineffective shot – close, but no chocolates.  Mr. Gregory said, “This is how it is done”, and drew aaother shot.  The opposition failed to capitalise and it was game to Rosanna overall by 2 shots.  Sweet.

Rosanna 62, Ivanhoe 60.  14 points.  Sixth on ladder with 68 points, only 4 short of fourth spot.

The second side stayed at home and hosted Greythorn, with a similar result to that of the ones.  James Inifer, Graeme Bravo, Rob Barclay and Alan Phillips fought hard all day, missing out at the end by 5 shots.  Ed Sheean, Peter Bell, Bruce Lankford and Kevin Nelson went toe to toe with their opponents, and manipulated a one shot win, but that is all it needs when the final bell tolls.  Leo Bosso, Kay Plain, Graeme Floody and Jack Dunbar were solid in their game, and picked up the remaining 4 shot deficit in the overall score, and added an extra 3 to make it a certain win for Rosanna.

Rosanna 67, Greythorn 64.  14 points.  7th on the ladder, 28 points out of 4th spot.

The third side had to travel to Croydon and, unfortunately, one of our players became lost and did not make the game.  Fotini Hughes, Gae Messina and Marj Martyn battled courageously, however, went down by 15 shots.  Russel Hyde, Ray Prestney, Paul Bassett and Ken Barr reversed the trend and won by a shot.  Bob Graham, Glenn Lyons, Heather Manton and Noel Broadhurst tried very hard to lessen the deficit with a six shot win, but the difference was just a little too big.

Rosanna 50, Greythorn 58. 4 points,  Fifth on ladder with 80 points, six away from fourth spot.

With four rounds left to complete the season we need to work hard to ensure Rosanna’s representation in the finals.  Keep at it folks – we can do it.

Best winning rink yesterday was Jack Dunbar (lead), Graeme Floody (second), Kay Plain (third) and Leo Bosso (skip) with seven shots up. (Leo couldn’t believe it – Glenn Lyons was dirty they missed out by a shot).

We know Kevin Nelson has had a lot on his plate recently, but Kevvy, you can’t leave your bowls on the green ready for next week, they have to be put into your bag and stowed. 

Milestones for this week were – Fotini Hughes, 50 midweek games, John Head, 50 midweek games, Bruce Lankford 150 club games and Margaret Hunt, 200 club games.  Well done indeed you lot.

And remember – I don’t think it’s age that makes us forgetful.  I just think there’s too much stupid crap to remember.

Keep smilin’ and good bowling.

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