Last Round Blues For Green and Gold

17 February, 2023

Midweek Results Fourteenth Round 

Sorry the blurb is so late this week, but it has been a big week and the euphoria of getting four Saturday sides into the finals stunned me somewhat, together with the news of the disappointing final round Midweek. And with one or three other things going on, I sort of forgot about the Midweek write up.  However, no one has complained it didn’t happen, so I suppose nobody noticed it wasn’t there.

Side One played bottom team, Strathmore, at home and struggled a bit, but eventually pulled off a three shot win.  Warren Williams, John Head, Colin Watson and Robin Doherty, suffered most with a 10 shot loss.  Jim Gregory, John Akdridge, Graeme Bravo and Margaret Hunt fell over the line by 1 shot.  Don Casey, Kevin Meade, Chris Ball and Gwenda Bail balanced the books, plus interest, to win by 12 shots, giving Rosanna a victory.

Rosanna 61, Strathmore 58.

Side Two went to Kingsbury, but not without some drama.  Unfortunately, Neil Cooper took a bit of a turn at lunch and was taken to hospital by ambulance, where he resided for a few days.   Taking things quietly now.  Leo Bosso, Kay Plain, Joan Webber and Jack Dunbar had the worst of a bad day with 19 shots in arrears.  James Inifer, Jeff Cook, Rob Barclay and Alan Phillips finished 9 short.  Glen Lyons, Eddie Sheean, Neil Cooper and Kevin Nelson, notwithstanding their predicament, fell 1 shot short.

Rosanna 51, Kingsbury 80.

Side Three went to Box Hill RSL, where it is always hard to play, and went down by 36 shots.  Paul Bassett, Graeme Floody, Heather Manton and Noel Broadhurst lost their way a little, and were beaten by 34 shots.  Gae Messina, Fotini Hughes, Marj Martyn and Terrye Meade battled hard, but fell 4 short.  Russell Hyde, Bob Graham, Tony Canty and Ken Barr went against the norm and won by 2 shots.  Ken Barr had a fall down some steps and, fortunately, did no damage apart from being somewhat shook up.

Roanna 41, Box Hill RSL 77.

The One’s finished 5th, 18 points out of the four, the Two’s finished 7th, 57 points out, and the Three’s finished 6th, 34 points out of the four. 

Best winning rink went to Don Casey, Kevin Meade, Chris Ball and Gwenda Bail, 12 shots up.

Milestone Games – Graeme Floody, 100 Midweek.  Well done.

So, the Midweekers can wrap their bowls in cotton wool for a short time, then get them out to play social bowls during the off-season.  Thank you all for being part of the Midweek comp and enabling the Go-annas to field three teams.  And before I go, remember – this season we fared no better than a watchdog’s nose against a postman’s boot.  Let’s start believing we will do much better next season.

Keep smilin’ and bowl well.

The Tout.



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