Pennant in full swing!

We started the 2020/21 Bowls Victoria pennant season, full of confidence. In Weekend Pennant, our No 1 side was back in Division 1 after a 27-year absence and was looking forward to making its presence felt.

At the half-way mark, the side has had a win and a draw but has been very competitive against most sides. In the run home, there is every confidence that the side can have sufficient wins to maintain its place in Division 1 next season. With only one side to be relegated this season, we are very hopeful that the No 1 side can hold its place.

The Nos 2, 3 and 4 sides are right up there, with the No 2 side on top of their section in Division 4 and certainly needs to gain promotion to a higher division.

In Midweek Pennant, the No 1 side is performing well, on top of their section, while other sides are struggling.

Bowls Victoria has issued a number of updates since the commencement of pennant, the most relevant being the Return to Play guidelines. It was certainly a relief that masks are not required while playing. Water fountains are still classified as high risk but can be used (can’t do without those in hot weather!).

Thankfully there can now be a lunch break during Midweek Pennant and a break is permissible in Weekend Pennant.

The area that caused most aggravation to players was whether tea and coffee was available in clubhouses. Many Clubs appeared to flout the rules by offering these refreshments in the same manner as pre-covid. Bowls Victoria decreed that tea/coffee stations could be set up with single portion packs. It is pleasing that our Club authorised at its last Board meeting that separate sachets of tea, coffee be provided and one serve of milk. Good quality coffee cups are also being purchased.


Weekend Pennant  Position on Ladder  Points
Side 1  8th  36
Side 2  1st  129
Side 3  2nd 92
Side 4  6th 53
Side 5  8th 28


Midweek Pennant  Position on Ladder  Points
Side 1 1st 71
Side 2 7th 34
Side 3 8th 6


As in last season, our Head Coach, Barry Ferguson has set goals for each Weekend Pennant side to achieve for this season. This gives us all something to aim for. Here are this season’s goals –

Side1: Win minimum 7 games, top 5 finish
Side 2: Win minimum 10 games, play finals, win section
Side 3: Win minimum 8 games, play finals, win section
Side 4: Win minimum 7 games top 5 finish
Side 5: Win minimum 7 games, top 5 finish

At this stage it appears that Sides 2 and 3 are likely to achieve their goals. Keep it going, boys and girls!

While the voting system that has been adopted for this season is a simple 1-2-3 (like the Brownlow), it apparently does not really give selectors an indication of individual performances, as in more recent voting systems. Instead, there is a “tick” system which requires skips to give each of his/her players a tick if they achieve certain criteria (thirds tick the skip) – within one mat length of the jack, or other targets. This can be effective for higher sides, but it is proving unpopular for lower sides. The main gripe seems to be the time taken in thinking about ticks instead of the shot the next player will be required to deliver. Furthermore, we now have circles to record as well!!

Ah the joys of being a selector!! It’s impossible to please everyone.

In the meantime, the importance of attending training sessions on Thursday afternoons cannot be over-emphasised. Learning and practising the skills can only help us when we are in an actual game.


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