MVP Player Awards

These awards are the culmination of the season and are looked forward to. It was recognised in the early 2000s that our players at all levels were valuable to their respective teams and often good performances were not always acknowledged.
So, it was decided to commence an award for the Most Valuable Pennant Player for Saturday Pennant. Votes from each player form the basis to decide on a season’s Most Valuable Player. Thus, a player from any side can win.

So, for the count for season 2020-21, tension built as the votes were announced for each round. Some early bolters didn’t go on with it as the season progressed. Prominent early were Brian Tipping, Ray Lundberg and Kevin Meade and later in the season, not unexpectedly, Barry Ferguson worked his way into the count.

In an exciting finish, the Most Valuable Player for season 2020-21 was Kevin Meade. Equal Runners-Up were Brian Tipping and Barry Ferguson.

Kevin appeared somewhat embarrassed at the result, being him who maintained the voting results each week. But it is what it is and there was no doubting the result – Kevin had an outstanding and consistent season.

Weekend MVP Kevin Meade
With Club Head Coach, Barry Ferguson after the count


For the rest of us, we need to try that bit harder next season, maintain our training regime and make sure that we can make a contribution to our team’s success. A change in the voting system wouldn’t go astray either.

On the following Tuesday, Kevin gave us another great presentation of the Midweek Pennant season’s achievements.
It has been only a few years since the an MVP Award was extended to Midweek Pennant. Past winners have been equally impressive.

Milestones reached during the season included Gwenda Bail, Joan Webber and James Inifer who each played their 600th club game; Leo Bosso 400;; Margaret Hunt 150; Kevin Meade 550; David Stark 650.

The MVP voting was competitive, with Joan Webber, Ray Prestney and Barry Ferguson prominent. But in the end, Glenn Lyons came over the top of them all to be declared the Midweek Most Valuable Player, with Joan Webber the Runner-Up.

It was great to see players who played most of the season in a lower side, do so well.

Midweek MVP Glenn Lyons
with Runner-Up, Joan Webber


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