Midweek Pennant Side

The RBC No 1 Midweek Pennant Side

Waiting in the wings following the weekenders taking centre stage, was Rosanna’s No 1 side in Midweek Pennant who also had an excellent season, finishing in 2nd place on the ladder and earning the coveted home section semi-final, playing Bundoora’s 2nd side.

Here is a summary of where Rosanna’s sides finished in Midweek Pennant 2020-21 season.


W T Shots  Position 
Side 1 8 5 3 +37 2nd
Side 2 6 7 1 -63 5th
Side 3 1 12 1 -405 8th


The 2nd side did well, also in Division 2, finishing a close fifth place.

Looking at the ladder, it was apparent prior to the semi-final that Rosanna’s No 1 side had an excellent opportunity to win the section. Top side Preston-Reservoir still had 4 losses during the season and were obviously beatable. Our No 1 side was settled with stable rinks and expected to do well.

Ahead of the home semi-final against Bundoora, the weather was looking rather gloomy, but thankfully stayed fine throughout the game. Rosanna had the slight edge for most of the day and finished eight shots up, thanks to Barry Ferguson’s rink who shone with a 27-14 win.

RBC Midweek Pennant

Outstanding leader Gwenda Bail

Then it was on to Ivanhoe on the Thursday, pitted against the other semi-final winner, Preston-Reservoir.

Unfortunately, Rosanna didn’t live up to its earlier form and was complexly outclassed by Preston-Reservoir , losing by 25 shots, with all rinks down.

Nevertheless, it was a good season for our guys and gals, with another go next season to get back to Div 1. No doubt next season will revert to the standard format, with two sides promoted, whereas in this season it was only one.

It is noted that Rosanna’s No 1 side comprised of five ladies and seven men – good gender balance!!


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